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Electrical safety tips

Electrical Safety at Home


Electrical Safety Tips Anyone Can Follow

On any given day, it's likely that most people use several different electrical appliances. With electric appliances being so common in modern homes, it's easy to forget that there are very real risks and hazards associated with their use. Take the time to brush up on the principles of safe operation - and make sure that everyone in your home is aware of them - in order prevent unnecessary exposure to hazards and safety risks.

Being safe when using electrical appliances, extension cords, light bulbs and other equipment is easy, and safety tips should be included in household rules, homeschool fire safety and daily behavior expectations for all members of the family. It only takes one mistake to spark an electrical fire, but simple prevention measures can be effective solutions.

A sample checklist for basic electrical safety

  • 1
    Inspect Cords and Plugs

    - Check extension cords and plugs daily. Do not use, and discard if worn or damaged. Have any extension cord that feels more than comfortably warm checked by an electrician.

  • 2
    Eliminate Octopus Connections

    - Do not plug several items into one outlet.
    - Pull the plug, not the cord.
    - Do not disconnect power supply by pulling or jerking the cord from the outlet. Pulling the cord causes wear and may cause a shock.

  • 3
    Never Use Extension Cords as Permanent Wiring

    - Use extension cords only to temporarily supply power to an area that does not have a power outlet.
    - Keep extension cords away from heat, water and oil. They can damage the insulation and cause a shock.
    - Do not allow vehicles to pass over unprotected extension cords. Extension cords should be put in protective wireway, conduit, pipe or protected by placing planks alongside them.